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Frontrunning : December 1



  • Global Stocks Edge Higher on Expected ECB Stimulus (WSJ)
  • Moment of truth as Puerto Rico faces crucial debt payment (Reuters)
  • Obama urges Turkey to reduce tensions with Russia, stresses support (Reuters)
  • Russian Media Takes Aim at Turkey (WSJ)
  • Support Grows for U.S. Commando Raids to Fight Islamic State (BBG)
  • Yuan Drops as SDR Approval Seen Prompting PBOC to Reduce Support (BBG)
  • Bank of England to Ease Capital Pressure on U.K. Banks (WSJ)
  • Companies Shy Away From Spending (WSJ)
  • Oil Bulls Brace for Repeat of OPEC’s Bearish Blow at Meeting (BBG)
  • Einhorn’s Hedge Fund Plunged 5.2% in November, Set for 2015 Loss (BBG)
  • Chinese banks miss out on the party as Asian M&As pass $1 trillion mark (Reuters)
  • Factories still struggling as U.S. rate hike looms (Reuters)
  • Euro Area’s Modest Recovery Sets Scene for Draghi Stimulus (BBG)
  • Nations most at risk of climate change urge lower warming cap (Reuters)
  • European Retail Property Deals Surge (WSJ)
  • Brazil GDP Falls More Than Analysts Expected as Demand Wilts (BBG)
  • Greek debt relief talks to focus on net present value, central banker says (Reuters)
  • China Commits $1.2 Billion to Zimbabwe Power Plant as Xi Visits (BBG)
  • World headed toward ‘suicide’ if no climate agreement: pope (Reuters)
  • Bank of England Sees Countercyclical Buffer Rising on Risk (BBG)

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