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Frontrunning: December 2

  • Yellen, in back-to-back appearances, could close out era of zero rates (Reuters)
  • ECB stimulus hopes keep Europe stocks at three-month high (Reuters)
  • ECB to Test the Limits of Its Bond-Buying Program (WSJ)
  • Watch for U.S. recession, zero interest rates in China next year, Citi says (Reuters)
  • Euro’s Loss Being Yen’s Gain May Be Headache for BOJ (BBG)
  • Yahoo Board to Weigh Sale of Internet Business (WSJ)
  • Islamic State Prevents Civilians From Fleeing Iraqi City of Ramadi (WSJ)
  • Hedge Funds Brace for Redemptions as Losses Engulf Marquee Firms (BBG)
  • America’s biggest gas field finally succumbs to downturn (Reuters)
  • Three-Quarters of Asian Adults Financially Illiterate, S&P Says (BBG)
  • How Big Food Is Using Natural Flavors to Win Consumer Favor (WSJ)
  • Turning Exxon’s Tiger Into Joe Camel Is Climate Camp’s Gameplan (BBG)
  • Citigroup Bonus Pool for Traders, Bankers Said to Stay Flat (BBG)
  • Harvard’s Sick of Losing to Yale and Has a Plan to Fix Endowment (BBG)
  • Brazilian Bank BTG Says Esteves No Longer a Controlling Shareholder (BBG)
  • Deutsche Bank Names Philippe Vollot Anti-Financial Crime COO (BBG)
  • Buy More Stuff Becomes Reality as QE Hits the High Street (BBG)

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