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Daily Markets Update, 12 June

    Technology Stocks drag global shares Italian and French sovereign debt yields fall on improved political outlook European tech stocks caught in global sector sell-off, adding to pressure on indices Pound fails to hold $1.27 Yen and gold in demand as haven assets in demand Oil prices continue to rally. UK: Business optimism has plunged… Continue reading Daily Markets Update, 12 June

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Erdogan tiene otro triunfo en la mano contra Europa

    En el conflicto que la UE mantiene con Turquía, el asunto de los refugiados puede estallar en cualquier momento. Pero existe un segundo riesgo al que se enfrenta Europa. Y es uno que resulta familiar, según  WELT n24 Que tiene Turquía que económicamente nos puede afectar? Hasta ahora la ´respuesta era una: los… Continue reading Erdogan tiene otro triunfo en la mano contra Europa

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Eurozona: Desafío a los escépticos

  Es la Eurozona un “area de no inversion”? “Europe is just uninvestable” ( Europa es zona de no inversiones) decia en una cena en el elegante barrio de Mayfair de Londres un gestor de fondos, ” y con Le Pen y el Brexit solo hay peligros politicos a la vista” el resto de invitados asentía… Continue reading Eurozona: Desafío a los escépticos

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Insight: Italy´s Economy Woes

Italian drama pictured in a very straightforward article By Satyajit Das Eurozone debt crisis isn’t Italy’s biggest worry The eurozone debt crisis has taken a heavy toll on Italy. The country’s economy has shrunk by around 10% since 2007, marked by a triple-dip recession. Output has regressed to levels not seen in more than a decade. Overall… Continue reading Insight: Italy´s Economy Woes

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Markets Commentary

In China where stocks tumbled 2.8% to a two month low following an unexpected warning in the official People’s Daily mouthpiece that debt and NPLs are too high, not to expect more easing will come, and that the Chinese Economy’s performance won’t be U- or V-shaped but L-shaped. This took place after another month of… Continue reading Markets Commentary

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Markets Commentary

Euro, Bund Yields Spike As Draghi Does Not Reveal Any New Bazookas European Central Bank President Mario Draghi brushed off German criticism of his ultra-loose monetary policy on Thursday and vowed to use all the tools at his disposal for “as long as needed”. He said the ECB’s policy was working, which helped boost the… Continue reading Markets Commentary

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Macro Indicators : US and China

US Industrial Production Plunges As March Auto Manufacturing Tumbles Most Since 2008 The Economic Confidence Index  Gallup´s survey for the week ending April 10th came in at -14. UMich consumer sentiment: sliding from 91 to 89.7 China Just Flooded Its Economy With A Record Amount Of New Debt   When China reported its economic data dump yesterday,… Continue reading Macro Indicators : US and China